Thursday, 5 January 2017

Danny Walters - Benidorm Actor

Danny Walters (born 1 June 1993 in Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom) is a British actor.

His most notable role is playing Tiger Dyke in the series Benidorm. He started playing the role in the sixth series of the show and will return in early 2015 for the seventh edition. He has taken up the lead teenage role, after the second episode of Benidorm series 7, following Michael Garvey's (Oliver Stokes) departure.

Benidorm is back on British TV starting on Monday 11th at 9pm on ITV.  And each Monday for 8 Episodes.

Danny Walters reprises his role.  You can find more about danny on his twitter page or read his article in gay times.  Danny is much fitter, due to his working out and using muscle food.

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