Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New competition coming soon

Well we all know English lads are hot, there are some amazing ones that just don’t think they are hot, so we are launching a new competition in association with http://www.whenonlyhotwilldo.com and http://www.malemodeluniverse.com .


The competition is open to anyone, and specific invites will be going out to some random guys that have entered our email boxes over the last year and also email applications will be accepted from anyone.


The full competition terms and prizes will be announced nearer the time, and the actual requirements are simple.


You have to fulfil one of the following requirement :

1. You have to be hot

2. You have to think you are hot

3. You have to have been told you are hot

4. You have to be over 16 in the UK over 18 if you enter from other countries.


The members of the various websites will vote for who they think is the hottest and a panel of judges will create a shortlist.

This is not about finding a model, its about featuring normal hot guys

Email applications can be accepted in advance of the launch date and may result in a specific feature of the person admin@whenonlyhotwilldo.com