Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Big Brother's Arron Lowe

Channel 5’s Big Brother seems to be pulling in the viewers at the moment, lots of Hot guys on there, one that catches everyones eye is Arron Lowe

big_brother_2012-arron-lowe 10_ARRON-LOWE    

23-year-old Arron is a model and Mixed Martial Arts fighter. He is currently taking time off from competing to concentrate on modelling for the likes of Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister.

arron lowe

Arron’s looking to return to M.M.A after Big Brother. He’s mainly in it for the “glory” and loves being the centre of attention, “thousands of people watching the fight, coming out with your hand in the air… like being famous”.

arron lowe3arron lowe1

He confesses that once he’s had a couple of drinks he always takes his top off in clubs, lifting up his shirt and showing off his abs. Currently single Arron’s  not looking for anything new, “I’m a sucker for love; I fall in love like a big girl”. His strategy for winning Big Brother includes being a leader, getting others to like him and then playing them off against each other.


arron lowe2

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

David Witts was nervous about EastEnders kiss

'EastEnders' newcomer David Witts was so nervous about kissing co-star Hetti Bywater he ate a packet of extra strong mints first.



David's character Joey Branning enjoyed a snog with Lucy Beale (Hetti) after saving her from his threatening father Derek and although he really enjoys working with the 17-year-old actress, David admitted the on screen clinch left him panicked.

david witts

He explained to The Sun newspaper: ''Everyone says you must love the kissing scenes but it is hard work. It's just part and parcel of the job and you'd be a bit of a twit if you got a cheap thrill out of it.

david witts3David-Witts-briefs

''I will admit I keep Trebor Extra Strong mints on me just in case. I always have mints before a kissing scene, it's only polite, you don't want people saying bad things about you.

david witts12

''Hetti is great. She's a very talented actress. She's only 17 but she's acting well beyond her years. It's been a real pleasure, she is great to work with.''  Along with kissing Lucy, Joey also punched his father Derek (Terence Beesley) upon arrival in Albert Square and David had reservations about filming the scene.  He said: ''I was absolutely bricking it when I came to my first scene. Luckily I didn't actually hit him. But I really went for it. With scenes like that you've got to be 'in' the scene because if you're not it's going to look a bit fake.''

Monday, 2 July 2012

Alex Pettyfer admits he went overboard when training for stripper movie Magic Mike

When he was cast as a stripper in new film Magic Mike, Alex Pettyfer decided to beef up.   But it appears the young Englishman went a bit too overboard with his training with producers telling him he was too big.  In a new interview with Men's Health UK, the Stormbreaker star revealed he put on 27lbs (12kg) after hitting the gym, but was told to lose some of it to play novice stripper Adam.


The 22-year-old tells the new issue of Men's Health UK magazine: 'I put on a bit of weight for this film. I started off at 169lb (77kg) and went up to 196lb (88kg).   'They told me I was too big, so in the end I had to take it back down to 185lb (84kg).'  


With Magic Mike being filmed last autumn, Alex hasn't had to worry about  his beefed physique and admitted he is now taking a break after such intensive training.

Alex Pettyfer Scenes Magic Mike Trailer

He said: 'When you eat and train as a sportsman I found it very enjoyable.

'But at the same time, it was hard, particularly at the start and I still remember not wanting to be in the gym. That’s why I don’t want to train at the moment.'

Despite being only 22, Alex has already started his own production company and is hoping to become a film director.

He explained: 'I’m very ambitious. I live in reality but I have dreams I want to fulfil – I want to be a director, and I’ve already started my own production company. But I also have a measure of success that I keep to myself. It’s something very personal to me.'


When looking for inspiration when making life decisions, Alex admits his father Richard and the late Paul Newman are his idols.

He said: 'My dad’s one of my biggest heroes. I also think Paul Newman’s an inspiration. I know a lot of people say that, but I love that he’s a great role model and a humanitarian. I admire people who don’t necessarily want to change the world, but try to make it a better environment.'

Read the full Alex Pettyfer interview in the Men's Health August issue – on sale Monday 2 July.